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Andres-Dougan breaks own school record at Washburn Rust Buster

Andres-Dougan breaks own school record at Washburn Rust Buster

There was no need for Cowley College sophomore Diego Andres-Dougan to bust the rust while competing Saturday at the Washburn University Rust Buster as Andres-Dougan appeared to be in mid-season form while breaking his school record in the 60-meter hurdles.

Andres-Dougan placing third in the 60-meter hurdles highlighted the list of performances by Cowley athletes, while fellow Tigers Jaden Schneeberger (second in the weight throw) and Santiago Nunez (12th in the 3,000-meter run) also hit national qualifying marks.

The Lady Tigers were again led by sophomore Arantxa Cortez, the top-ranked pole vaulter in the NJCAA, as Cortez placed fifth with a national qualifying and personal best vault of 11-11 ¾. Sophomore Kayla McClellan also performed well and placed third in the weight throw with a national qualifying mark of 49-3.

"We showed improvement in terms of our times, marks, and technique," Cowley head coach Cameron Rieth said. "This was literally a rust buster as we used this meet to knock the rust off for some of our athletes."

Cowley will now prepare to participate in the Herm Wilson Invite Friday and Saturday at Wichita State University. Friday's competition will begin at noon, and Saturday will start at 9 a.m.

"I want to give a pat on the back to my assistant coaches, Glenwood Edwards and Parker Ray," Rieth said. "They are doing a great job with their athletes and have a lot more on track to qualify for nationals."

Cowley Results:


*60-meter dash – Genique Bassett, 8.56, 42nd.

*200-meter dash – Isabella Kupka, 26.04, 14th; Alyssa Bridges, 27.94, 35th; Gracie Shire, 28.98, 46th; Bassett, 30.22, 52nd; Jacie Carson, 30.28, 53rd.

*400-meter dash – Kupka, 59.24, seventh; Bridges, 1:04.90, 17th; Esther Vazquez, 1:07.84, 21st.

*3,000-meter run – Yazmin Reyes, 11:34.02, 23rd.

*60-meter hurdles – LaShae Smith, 9.69, 20th; Gracie Shire, 11.23, 34th; Mercedes Glover, 11.36, 35th.

*High jump – Smith, 5-1, sixth.

*Pole vault – Arantxa Cortez, 11-11 ¾, fifth, national qualifier; Carla Santos, 10-0, 17th.

*Long jump – Glover, 14-2 ¼, 31st.

*Shot put – Jamilet Bautista-Infante, 40-6 ¼, seventh; Chloe Grusing, 36-8 ½, 15th; Kayla McClellan, 35-5 ¾, 21st; McKenna Markle, 33-7 ½, 27th; Kennedy Bulger, 32-7 ½, 34th; Glover, 32-6 ½, 36th; Sarah Robinson, 27-4 ½, 47th.

*Weight throw – McClellan, 49-3, third, national qualifier; Markle, 47-0 ¼, sixth; Robinson, 42-4, 18th; Bulger, 30-1, 37th; Grusing, 28-5 ¾, 38th; Bautista-Infante, 27-9 ¼, 39th.


*60-meter dash – Devonte Pruitt, 7.13, 40th; Siyabonga Jiyane, 7.14, 41st; Arnau Sagrera-Barnet, 7.20, 50th; Nicolas Tornay, 7.35, 69th; Felipe Mentz, 7.62, 83rd.

*200-meter dash – Jiyane, 22.50, 30th; Tomasso Bruni, 22.96, 38th; Charles Barlow, 22.96, 39th; Pruitt, 23.36, 52nd; Jeremy Garcia, 23.38, 53rd; Tornay, 23.66, 60th.

*400-meter dash – Mentz, 53.02, 23rd; Garrah Bauer, 53.85, 27th; K'Anthony Benjamin, 54.24, 30th.

*600-yard run – Garcia, 1:17.65, 20th.

*Mile run – Goran Duijsters, 4:25.95, 13th; Dylan Roe, 4:47.15, 46th.

*3,000-meter run – Santiago Nunez, 8:42.11, 12th, national qualifier; Muneer Suied, 9:07.29, 33rd; Joel Rodriguez, 9:10.21, 37th; Randy Rojas-Mendez, 9:14.82, 42nd; Jordi Dommerholt, 9:27.46, 46th; Edgar Reyes, 9:27.71, 48th; Basheer Suied, 9:36.29, 52nd; Aaron Medrano, 9:55.09, 62nd.

*60-meter hurdles – Diego Andres-Dougan, 8.02, second, school record, national qualifier.

*4x400-meter relay – Garcia, Duijsters, Rojas-Mendez, Roe, 3:32.62, 19th.

*High jump – Mentz, 5-8 ¾, 15th.

*Long jump – Bauer, 20-1 ¾, 24th.

*Pole vault – Riley Hunter, 12-9 ½, 23rd; Keegan Beaver, 11-9 ¾, 31st.

*Shot put – Jaden Schneeberger, 47-6 ½, eighth; Abner Johnson, 47-5 ¾, ninth; Mario Arroyo-Garcia, 38-5 ½, 25th; Jean-De Dixon, 37-0 ½, 29th.

*Weight throw – Schneeberger, 58-11 ¼, second, national qualifier; Julian Washington, 49-10, ninth; Treavor Green, 48-6 ¾, 12th; Johnson, 46-8 ¾, 14th; De-Dixon, 45-4 ¼, 15th; Jacob Creswell, 40-10 ½, 21st; Lance Blubaugh, 40-7, 22nd; Arroyo-Garcia, 38-2 ¼, 26th.