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The Tiger Way

Statement of Purpose

Cowley College Athletic Department will strive to encourage and develop physical and psychological skills for student-athletes.  Focusing on the pride of success through teamwork and individual accomplishment is unique to the Tiger Way.  This is demonstrated through academic and athletic achievement.  Corresponding with the comprehensive mission of Cowley College, the athletic department is fully committed to providing opportunities of learning excellence, personal achievement, and community engagement for all student-athletes.


Cowley College athletics proudly represents the Arkansas City, Kansas community, Cowley County, Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference (KJCCC), and National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) by adhering to expectations of competitive sportsmanship.  We are determined to provide an ambitious and championship caliber athletic program serving needs of student-athletes through opportunity, preparation, diligence, and accomplishment.  This is central to the pride of overall success.  This source of pride is exhibited for the student-body, faculty and staff, alumni, and community. 


Aligning in support of institutional core values, the Cowley College athletic department leans on a tradition of athletic success demonstrated through five distinctive core values: Excellence, Unity, Commitment, Respect, and Trust.


  • We emphasize the importance of outstanding athletic and academic performance.
  • We encourage this value for student-athletes, coaches, and staff.


  • We promote group cohesion within the athletics staff and athletic teams.
  • We promote uniform character and oneness of mind as a department.


  • We demonstrate dedication to student-athlete success.
  • We pledge an obligation to lead and empower student-athletes to the highest standards.


  • We admire and promote individual qualities and abilities pertaining to all student-athletes.
  • We emphasize the mutual admiration needed for close working professional relationships.


  • We hold a firm belief in the power of reliable words with corresponding actions.
  • We empower student-athletes, coaches, and staff with confident expectations of achievement.